Video prisoners blindfolded in Xinjiang

Mon, 7 Oct 2019 15:20:06 +0200

ROME, OCTOBER 7 - Men lined up in prison uniforms get off a train with a bandage over their eyes and their hands tied behind their backs. This is shown by a video taken from a drone in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, which appeared online last week and released by CNN, which cites US intelligence sources that guarantee its authenticity, expressing concern about the repression currently underway on Muslim Uighurs in those territories.
The video - which was published anonymously last week - shows hundreds of men dressed in purple and orange jackets with the words 'Kashgar Detention Center' printed on them, first getting off a train, then sitting on the floor in what appears to be a large courtyard outside the station. Their heads are shaved and their hands are tied behind their backs. Everybody wears a black patch over their eyes and is guarded by dozens of police officers in Swat uniforms.