Tunisia: Said-Karoui challenge confirmed

Mon, 16 Sep 2019 18:32:34 +0200

TUNIS, SEPTEMBER 16 - "An electoral uprising", "a shock to the system". The day after the vote in Tunisia, Tunisian commentators read the outcome of the first round of the presidential elections: the independent jurist Kais Saied and the TV magnate Nabil Karoui, who has been imprisoned since last 23 August, will face the ballot money laundering and tax evasion. The official results have in fact confirmed the anticipation of exit polls, with the defeat of traditional parties and the collapse of voter turnout, a clear message of disaffection from politics on the part of citizens.
He won conservatism on one side (Saied) and populism on the other (Karoui). The antisystem candidates triumphed, those who managed to intercept the discontent and fill the void left by the centrist family, by the left and also by the Islamic parties, all unable to give direct answers to the needs of the Tunisians in a period of severe economic crisis.