Washington: "Saudi wells hit by missiles and drones departed from Iran" Tehran rejects the accusations

Mon, 16 Sep 2019 15:53:07 +0200

After the attack on the Saudi wells the tension between the US and Iran rises and the chances of a nuclear meeting between Trump and Rouhani weaken during the UN General Assembly.

According to sources in the US administration, quoted by the New York Times and ABC, in the Saturday raids on the two Saudi oil plants a dozen missiles were also used in addition to drones. Furthermore, satellite images broadcast by the White House on Sunday evening would indicate that the attack started from the north with respect to Saudi Arabia. So from Iran, from where the plants are perfectly within the reach of Iranian weapons, or Iraq where, in the south, there are bases controlled by pro-Iranian militias. The Houthi rebels of Yemen (supported by Tehran), claiming the attack, would therefore have attributed a merit they did not have.

The American accusations against Tehran do not make sense, they are unacceptable and unfounded and are only a pretext to justify retaliation against Iran, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mussavi reacted this morning.

Already on Saturday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was no evidence that the attacks had arrived from Yemen and had directly accused Iran. Trump, for now, does not put his hand too much on Iranian sins. The president has clearly written on Twitter that the US is ready and charged, and that they are right to believe that they know the culprit ... but are waiting to hear from the [Saudi] Kingdom who they think was the cause of this attack. A senior official told ABC News that the president is fully aware that Iran is responsible, but he wants the Saudis to confirm it if they want US help.

The new escalation of tension between the two enemy countries takes place a few days after the unexpected opening of the US president in Rouhani and the announcement by the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, of a possible historic meeting between the two leaders during the general assembly of the UN.
Now they are quick to deny from Tehran and Washington. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is not planning any meeting with his counterpart Donald Trump in New York, said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Tehran. In the night the turnaround (via Twitter) of Trump: The Fake News are saying that I want to meet Iran "without any conditions". This is an incorrect statement (as always!).