Tunisia, presidential election: Saied and the tycoon Karoui ballot

Mon, 16 Sep 2019 15:28:08 +0200

TUNIS - "Now there is Nabil, now there is Karoui! Chahed, your time has come! " They raise their fingers to V. Or as a 2. To say that they have won. And that goes to the second round. The horns and the jasmine bouquets, the bicolors with the crescent moon and the darabuke tamtam. He celebrates in the night of Tunis, among the deserted palaces of the Benalist era, in front of the headquarters of Nabil Karoui. The first exit polls agreed and enough to celebrate: TV billionaire Nabil Karoui, in prison since August for tax evasion, came in second with 15% and will go to the October ballot for the presidency of Tunisia. If he sees himself with another absolute outsider, Kais Saied, a lawyer, who took the 19. Nothing to do for his Muslim brother Abdelfattah Mourou, candidate of the first Tunisian party, Ennahda. And still less for the other nineteen candidates and for Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, the most disputed in the night party, suspected by the Karouian square of being the instigator of the arrest of the tycoon.