Hong Kong: Lam, violence does not solve anything

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 13:07:38 +0200

BEIJING, 10 SEPTEMBER - The escalation of violence will not be able to resolve the social issues in Hong Kong that were raised in three months of protests: the governor Carrie Lam, speaking in the weekly press conference, urged the protesters to avoid vandalism against public goods after the last weekend of heavy clashes and devastation.
"The reckless damage to subway stations goes far beyond China's extradition law and protest demands," said Lam, adding that he believes "escalation and continuing violence cannot solve the current problems facing society and would lead to social conflicts and rifts, to the point of deepening contempt, making our efforts to restore order and heal the most difficult hatred ". From the latest inspections carried out, 40% of the 91 stations of the metropolitan transport network are damaged in various ways.