Brexit: Johnson, via the rebellious Tories

Mon, 2 Sep 2019 10:23:43 +0200

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2 - Boris Johnson is ready to expel from the Tory parliamentary group all the rebel deputies who were to join Labor and other opposition forces this week in an attempt to approve a law that tries to force the government to postpone the Brexit beyond 31 October and to avoid the hypothesis of a no deal. This was reported by sources from Downing Street.
The prime minister's move, on the eve of the short reopening of Westminster before the disputed suspension of Parliament from next week to October 14, aims to force the hand of party discipline even at the cost of blowing up the majority. And according to the BBC shows how Johnson - in case of defeat - is determined to immediately call for new early elections, leaving out all the moderate conservative dissidents openly opposed to his line in favor of an exit from the EU whatever the cost.