Killed by a bull at Cuellar's party

Thu, 29 Aug 2019 17:12:30 +0200

ROME, AUGUST 29 - A 62-year-old man died after being gored by a bull on the last day of the "Encierros" festival in Cuéllar, in central Spain. The Rtve channel reports it. The man was shot in the neck and chest, after the bull had trapped him in the dangerous area of the "Funnel", where another person had already died due to a gored heart in 2015. The bull, while he made his round in the open field and followed the men on horseback, he reached an area where there were several spectators on a wall.
When the bull approached, some people fell from the wall, and the animal struck the spectator at 62. The Segovia Municipal Council has declared three days of mourning.
The feasts of the "Encierros" of Cuéllar, considered the oldest in Spain, originate in the 13th century and have been declared of international tourist interest.