Brexit, Johnson will ask the Queen to suspend the Parliament

Wed, 28 Aug 2019 13:08:57 +0200

The move is one of those daring. To succeed in reaching Brexit without a hitch, Boris Johnson asked the Queen to suspend the Parliament a few days after the return of parliamentarians from the summer break, scheduled for 3 September. Elizabeth II authorized the suspension. In an official statement of the Privy Council, or the organ of the Queen's advisers, we read: His Majesty is ordering today for Parliament to be suspended on a day between no earlier than Monday 9 September until no later than Thursday 12 September. The House of Commons, then, will reopen on October 14, after a speech by the Queen in which, according to Johnson, the exciting new agenda of the government will be presented. The suspension of parliamentary activities, which in slang is called prorogation, will prevent Members from voting any postponement of Brexit, even in the event of a no deal. The news was anticipated this morning by BBC political reporter Nick Robinson, later the same prime minister had confirmed the rumor.