Kashmir: 22nd day of curfew

Mon, 26 Aug 2019 14:25:13 +0200

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 26 - Twenty-second consecutive day of life under abnormal conditions, for the inhabitants of Kashmir: government spokesman Rohit Kansal said that the authorities today have lightened the movement restrictions in at least 69 districts of the Valley and declared that the Traffic in the streets has visibly intensified in much of the state. Press agencies and newspapers write instead that even today the markets have remained closed and the schools, both public and private, have been deserted. Some shops open in the early hours of the morning, but the vast number of security forces agents who continue to guard the roads with checkpoints and barbed wire discourage citizens from moving. According to the authorities, fixed telephone lines would be restored in most of the valley. Total block still for mobile communications and private Internet users.
Over one hundred politicians, activists, and academics remain under surveillance.