USA: billionaire David Koch has died

Fri, 23 Aug 2019 15:04:01 +0200

NEW YORK, AUGUST 23 - David Koch, the American billionaire who spent millions to support conservative causes, died. He was 79 years old. With his brother Charles, he controlled Koch Industries, a giant of energy and chemistry. From work in the family business he retired in 2018 due to health problems. His interests also include philanthropic causes, to which he has donated a billion dollars. Liberal on issues such as abortion and gay marriage, David Koch used his fortune to support conservative causes such as lowering taxes and deregulation. David and Charles Koch are known to be the puppeteers of American politics, due to their strong influence with billions. The two brothers did not support Donald Trump's candidacy in 2016 but their political network, whose influence is considered second only to that of the Republican party, praised the administration's efforts for deregulation, while criticizing Trump's policies on the trade and immigration.