Ghislane Mawxell, Epstein's accomplice found in a fast food in Los Angeles

Fri, 16 Aug 2019 12:27:36 +0200

Dressed in a light blue sweatshirt, without makeup, sitting at an outdoor table of a fast food restaurant in Los Angeles. The crime lady, Ghislaine Maxwell, the friend and former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, was traced and photographed, accused of being the organizer of the sex trafficking of underage girls who had taken the New York financier to death, who died in his cell on Saturday. a case of apparent suicide.

The New York Post has published the photo exclusively. Maxwell, 57, was eating burger and fries. Also on the table is a Cia investigation book: The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of Cia Operatives.

Surprised by the photographer, the woman would comment: Well, I guess this will be my last time I come here.

It was from 2016 that Epstein's friend, one of the protagonists of New York salons, acquaintance of Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrea, was not photographed in public. A favorite daughter of a former English tabloid publisher and the New York Daily News, a graduate of Oxford, she was photographed with Mayor Bloomberg and Elon Musk. She was Epstein's girlfriend, then her best friend.

Three girls accused her of facilitating abuse, offering them a job as a personal assistant and then turning them into sex slaves. She is also suspected of sexually abusing young women.