Brexit: Corbyn proposes itself as premier

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 13:08:06 +0200

ROME, AUGUST 15 - Jeremy Corbyn asked the leaders of the other opposition parties and the Tory rebels to appoint him prime minister for the time needed to prevent a Brexit no-deal, asking for another extension in Brussels. The BBC announced this.
The Labor leader has written a letter to his colleagues, stating that he will try to call for a vote of no confidence against Boris Johnson's government at the "first time we can be sure of success". In that case, he added, "I will seek the confidence of the Chamber for a strictly limited temporary government in order to convene new elections and guarantee the necessary extension of article 50", ie an extension of the deadline of October 31 currently set for Brexit. In the event of an election, Labor would campaign for a second referendum on whether or not to remain in the EU, Corbyn added. His plan, however, is currently not practicable, because the opposition is divided.