Usa, "Statue of Liberty welcomes Europeans"

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 06:31:16 +0200

WASHINGTON, AUGUST 14 - A senior official of the Trump administration said last night that the famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty that welcomes immigrants in the country concerns "people from Europe" and that America is trying to welcome migrants "who can stand on their own. "
The statements of Ken Cuccinelli, director of the agency Us Citizenship and Immigration Services (Uscis), arrived the day after the Trump administration announced that it would try to deny green cards to migrants seeking Medicaid, food vouchers, coupons for housing or other forms of public assistance.
The move and the words of Cuccinelli have provoked a protest of the democrats and supporters of immigration who have affirmed how the policy will favor the richest immigrants and disadvantage those of the poorest countries of Latin America and Africa.