Trump about the places of the massacres, protests

Wed, 7 Aug 2019 04:49:21 +0200

WASHINGTON, AUGUST 7 - Donald Trump is preparing to visit the places of the weekend massacres that have caused 31 deaths and in El Paso and Dayton a protest is being prepared after many have asked the president to give up the visit. "It is not welcome", is the watchword of the groups that are preparing to challenge the arrival of the American president whose incendiary and anti-immigrant rhetoric is considered, especially in El Paso, partly responsible for the Saturday massacre that has especially affected the Hispanic and Mexican communities. And the mayor of the Texan city on the border with Mexico, Dee Margo, warned the president from returning to invoke his policy of zero tolerance at the border: "We will not allow anyone to paint our city inconsistently with our history and our values ". While for the candidate to dem the White House Beto O'Rourke, citizen of El Paso, "after the tragedy of Saturday the president should not come here".