Trump's silence on the death of Bin Laden's heir

Thu, 1 Aug 2019 11:02:53 +0200

Obama has eliminated the founder of al Qaeda, Osama. Trump continued the mission by killing the possible heir, Hamza. Provided that the end of the young bin Laden is confirmed: the rumors leaked in the American media give it almost for sure, they add that the USA has had a role in the mission.
But there is always a margin of doubt. The skeptics resist for whom not even the old man would have died. Everyone has his theory.

And for now the American president, always swift to sing victory, remained cautious. Likely to wait for intelligence checks. What is certain is that a possible disappearance of Hamza would be a new defeat for the terrorist movement. A backhand, however, not total. As the idea - the qaedism - is more important than the leaders. This is demonstrated by the same blitz in Pakistan, in Abbottabad, when the supreme leader was found by the US Navy Seals.