Harry, only 2 children for environmental protection

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 21:49:16 +0200

Prince Harry and his consort Meghan, who gave birth to little Archie in May, do not expect to have more than two children in all. The Duke of Sussex himself said this in surprise, interviewed by the academician and environmentalist Jane Goodall for the September issue of Vogue UK: a special edition entrusted as guest conductor to Meghan Markle and dedicated in particular to extolling the figures of women symbol of "change", all of liberal inspiration.
   The prince has hinted that he came to this decision to help preserve the planet. He explained that he had always posed the problem of protecting the environment, but that he had "now a different vision" as a father and as a person who "hopes to have children". "Not too many," Goodall suggested. "Two at the maximum," he cut short, adding to look at the planet as a pond "in which we are the frogs and the water is already on the boil".