The Italian ambassador in Tripoli: "Haftar will not lay down its arms, the agreement is still far away"

Tue, 30 Jul 2019 08:55:25 +0200

The road remains uphill for Libya. The war continues and even the recent talks in Benghazi between Marshal Khalifa Haftar and UN envoy Ghassan Salamé leave little prospect of agreement for the moment with the Fayez Sarraj camp in Tripoli. From what has been understood, Haftar still believes that it can win with weapons. However, we insist on favoring the pacification of the country with the conviction that the path of force can only cause serious damage to all. For the first time since his return with the role of Italian ambassador to Tripoli, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi issues an all-round interview on February 1st. We are in a very delicate phase. Our role is central. We are the only Western embassy open in the country, we represent a message of stability for everyone, he explains weighing the words. It was he in September 2011 to reopen the embassy after the fall of the Gaddafi regime and it was then he again to close it in February 2015, following the very serious violence that shook the country.