Shipwreck in Libya, bodies recovered

Fri, 26 Jul 2019 21:06:38 +0200

CAIRO, JULY 26 - There are dozens of bodies recovered by the Libyan Coast Guard following the sinking of two boats off the Libyan coast. The authorities in Tripoli report that there are still 116 missing in yesterday's shipwreck. Meanwhile, the UNHCR denounces that 84 survivors of the disaster were transferred to the Tajoura detention center, near Tripoli, the same as the early-month aerial bombardment in which at least 50 refugees were killed. "The suffering of these people is difficult even to imagine. There are no words to describe how much they are suffering," says Anne-Cecilia Kjaer, of Doctors without Borders, who assisted the survivors of the shipwreck. "A man from Sudan, recovered at sea, told us that he saw his wife and children drown. He was totally disoriented." Others said they left the Libyan coast on Wednesday evening, at sunset, aboard three boats tied together.