South Korea: YouTube, baby star is a millionaire

Fri, 26 Jul 2019 13:58:41 +0200

  His name is Boram, he is just six years old, but thanks to the popularity on YouTube not only his life is very different from that of his peers who follow him on his social channels, but he can afford investments that the most experienced cyberspace gurus can only dreaming: with over 31 million 'followers', this South Korean girl recently spent 9.5 billion Korean won (about 7.2 million euros) to buy a palace in the trendy Gangnam district of Seoul.
   Boram, CNN reports online, has two YouTube channels: one with 13.6 million members dedicated to the review of toys and another with 17.6 million members in which it dispenses video blogs for its children aficionado.
   To manage its enormous success online, the parents of the child have also set up a company - the Boram Family company - through which the child has bought the property.