Iran seizes British tanker, an increasingly risky game in the Gulf

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 12:41:57 +0200

Will they stop or will they continue? A sort of Iraneis is underway in the Persian Gulf, with evidence of strength, provocation and psychological warfare. A high risk game.

They had promised it and they did it. The Pasdarans have intercepted two oil tankers in the area of Hormuz. First they stopped the British Stena Empire: it was flanked by patrol boats and followed by a helicopter, then forced to continue to the island of Qemsh. Shortly afterwards maritime environments reported the sudden change of course of a second ship, the Mesdar, and sources quoted by CNN confirmed that the unit had ended up in the hands of the guardians. But later, after some checks, he would resume his journey to Saudi Arabia. The Iranian militiamen denied that she had been kidnapped.