Ryanair 'renamed' the Boeing 737 Max

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:44:19 +0200

ROME, JULY 16 - Ryanair has decided to change its name to the Boeing 737 Max, the model of the aerospace giant US protagonist of two disasters cost the lives of a total of 346 people: according to the Guardian newspaper, the low-cost airline - which ordered 135 of these aircraft - renamed the aircraft '737 8200'.
For now there are no confirmations from the company, but the newspaper writes that a brand new Boeing 737 Max destined for the Irish company was photographed in front of the Boeing hangars and from the images it emerged that the word 'Max' has been replaced with the number '8200' in the writing printed under the windows of the cockpit.
Meanwhile, the '737 Max' remains on the ground globally while Boeing tries to convince the authorities that changes to the aircraft's software are sufficient to guarantee its safety.