Netanyahu studies defensive pact with US

Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:20:30 +0200

(ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, JULY 10 - A 'defense pact' with the US: this is what Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is thinking of concluding with the Trump administration before the September 17th elections. This was revealed by the Maariv newspaper, according to which not only the White House would agree but that this would be part of an agreement - despite neghino Israeli political sources - that foresees as a counterpart that Netanyahu accepts in advance the Peace Plan that the US intends to keep secret until later in Israel.
According to the newspaper, the prime minister "needs more than ever gestures of goodwill on the part of the US" to prevail in the elections. Although - he continued - the Pact would have many technical difficulties: on the one hand Israel would be covered by a US "defensive umbrella" against atomic attacks, but it would have to coordinate all its immediate military initiatives in advance with the ally.