Farewell to Eva Kor, survivor of Mengele

Fri, 5 Jul 2019 15:00:15 +0200

NEW YORK, JULY 5 - Farewell to Eva Kor: the last of the 'Mengele twins' who survived the torture of the notorious Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele died in Krakow, only a few kilometers away from the extermination camp where her father, her mother and the brothers ended up in the gas chambers. Miriam, her twin sister, died in the 1990s. Like Eva and Miriam, another 1,500 pairs of twins have been at the center of Mengele's experiments. Eva, who lived in Indiana, was in Poland at the head of a trip organized by the Holocaust museum that she herself had founded in Terre Haute, the Midwestern city where she had moved after the war with her husband, who also survived the Shoah. The purpose of the tour was to keep alive the memory of the horror of the camps, but also to teach the art of forgiveness. Art that Eve herself had found within herself also against the Nazis who had tortured her as a child.