Di Caprio in a new alliance by environment

Tue, 2 Jul 2019 22:28:16 +0200

NEW YORK, 02 JULY - Leonardo DiCaprio joins billionaires and philanthropists Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs) and Brian Sheth to create a new alliance for the environment. In particular, it is a non-profit organization that aims to face the challenge of climate change and the loss of biodiversity.
The new organization, called the Earth Alliance, "will work globally to protect ecosystems and wildlife, ensure climate justice, support renewable energy and guarantee the rights of indigenous people for the benefit of all lives on Earth", as stated in a declaration. It will provide grants, educational opportunities, as well as working with associations and individuals in the places most affected by biodiversity loss and climate change. DiCaprio explained that the Earth Alliance is a "new large and agile platform that shares resources and skills while identifying the best programs to bring real changes across the planet "