Dalai Lama on Trump, 'He has no princes'

Thu, 27 Jun 2019 22:17:53 +0200

LONDON, JUNE 27 - The Dalai Lama has changed his mind about Donald Trump: if in 2016 he said he "had no worries" about his presidency, now he criticizes him on various fronts and condemns "the lack of moral principles".
Interviewed by the BBC, the Tibetan Buddhist leader is repeatedly urged on Trump and replies: "When he became president, he praised America first. And this is wrong." Then, with regard to immigration, he says he is "sad for the children" portrayed on the Mexican-US border. And its climate change criticizes Washington's withdrawal from the Paris agreement stating that "America should take a global responsibility". However, he praises the vice president Mike Pence and all those congressional politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who support the cause of Tibet against a China to which he spares no controversy.
Finally, on the role of women, he repeats a controversial concept already expressed in the past: "If a Dalai Lama woman comes, she will have to be attractive".