Thu, 27 Jun 2019 14:37:22 +0200

FIUMICINO (ROME), 27 JUNE - Rome Fiumicino airport today hosted the preview of the International Ischia Prize for Journalism awarded this year to Grigory Pasko, journalist and official of the Russian Pacific fleet which, in 1993, documented the illegal spill of radioactive waste in the Sea of Japan. The meeting of the prize winner with the Italian press took place in the departure hall of terminal 3 where the exhibition dedicated to the 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci was hosted, which therefore served as a splendid backdrop to the event which, for this reason, has called the attention of many passengers in transit. In a meeting moderated by the journalist, Mauro Iovino, Pasko, who, among other things, is co-founder of the Community for Investigative Journalism-Foundation 19/29 since 2011, said "Very pleased and honored to be able to receive such an award prestigious and pleased that it was established ". Responding to questions from journalists, Grigory Pasko, a former Russian Navy officer, then reported that "Unfortunately, the modern world today remembers the environment only when catastrophes occur". Just like the one he documented in '93. Pasko was later arrested, serving 4 years in prison in Russia, because he had documented and made a film about the illegal disposal of radioactive waste at sea.
"The road to get to receive a prestigious international award like this has been really long, difficult, difficult for someone like me who has always been dealing with investigative journalism - said Pasko - And if it is true that in the world, generally this type of journalists are not much loved, in Russia they are really hated. One of my colleagues tried to trap him by inserting narcotics in his bag, and my other three colleagues I worked with died, just like Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya. " If I fear for my life today? "The fear generally comes from what we do not know - the Russian journalist replied - but I am not afraid of dying. Certainly - he concluded - I am worried, because from the Power that exists in Russia today I expect everything. .. ".
After today's preview at the Rome airport, the awards ceremony will take place tomorrow in Lacco Ameno. (HANDLE).