Egypt: stop after prayers for Bites

Wed, 19 Jun 2019 14:41:58 +0200

CAIRO, JUNE 19 - An unspecified number of detentions was carried out in al-Idwah, the birthplace of Mohamed Morsi, after Islamic religious ceremonies commemorating the former Egyptian president who died the day before yesterday. This was reported by an al-Jazeera banner re-launching a video posted on Twitter by a journalist and which would have been shot in the small town of Sharqiyya governorate, in the east of the Nile delta.
"The Egyptian security forces invade the village of al-Idwah, the birthplace of President Morsi aboard armored vans, they place him in a siege after the prayer of the absence and the exit" of faithful "to demonstrate", is written in the tweet posted yesterday.
The same information also appears on the "Rasd" site which, close to the banned Brotherhood in Egypt, also speaks of "arrests". Security sources in Cairo, in confirming that there would be detainees, were unable to specify the number.