Tunisia: 75 large migrants stop offshore

Sat, 1 Jun 2019 22:57:41 +0200

TUNIS, JUNE 01 - The tug Maridive 601, with 75 migrants on board rescued Friday morning from a shipwreck in the Mediterranean, is still at anchor off the coast of Zarzis in Tunisia, awaiting authorization to enter the port to disembark the recovered people. The green disk of the governor of Medenine is still missing, he learns from the local ANSA.
To request an urgent intervention by the authorities and to allow Maridive to enter the port is the Tunisian NGO Forum for economic and social rights (Ftdes) which, after having heard the ship's captain, reports the critical health situation of at least three people on board and the fact that water and food will soon become scarce. According to the Tunisian NGO, the governor of the region calls for more resources to welcome migrants arriving from Libya, which has been increasing in recent months. Migrants, 64 Bengalis, 9 Egyptians, a Moroccan and a Sudanese, said they had left the Libyan city of the west Zouara.