Netanyahu fails to make the government: Israel returns to the vote

Fri, 31 May 2019 11:36:26 +0200

JERUSALEM - Benjamin Netanyahu failed to close the talks to form the coalition, he ran out of 28 days (plus the extension of 14) and preferred to bring Israel back into the electoral campaign rather than leave President Reuven Rivlin the chance to entrust the mandate to another political leader. Fifty days after the vote, the deputies decided to self-dismiss, it had never happened in the history of the country that a legislature would last so little, that the ballot boxes were opened twice in the same year. Netanyahu obtained the majority to dissolve the Knesset thanks to the support of the Arab parties, the same ones he had attacked in recent months. The opposition accuses the prime minister of pushing the Israelis to new elections not just necessary to protect themselves. The date set is September 17th, twenty days before the face-to-face meeting between the prime minister's lawyers and the state attorney general, who will announce the formal corruption indictment in December. Bibi the Magician, as supporters call him, failed this time to get the ultra-Orthodox and Avigdor Liberman to agree: the immigrant bouncer from the former Soviet Union and become a politician insisted that the coalition agreement provide for approval of the law to extend military service to a greater number of young religious. Now Netanyahu accuses him of selling to the left, he urges the right-wing voters not to vote for him. The campaign has already started again.