Femen in Paris against feminicides

Thu, 30 May 2019 20:56:45 +0200

PARIS, MAY 30 - A group of militants of the feminist group "Femen" gave a demonstration today in the courtyard of the Palais Royal in Paris, to denounce the 60 "feminicides" committed since the beginning of the year and "the indifference of the government".
The demonstrators were about sixty and, arriving at the scene, they exposed themselves naked for ten minutes on the famous Buren columns of the courtyard, first in silence and with their fists raised to the sky, then lighting pink smoke and shouting "to the women murder, the indifferent homeland "," not one more "and" Stop feminicides! ". The militants then left, still shouting their slogans, in front of the Louvre, among tourists and passers-by on the festive morning in Paris (in France the Ascension is celebrated).
On the breast, the Femens had painted in black the names of the women killed in France since January 1st.