France: explosion in central Lyon, 13 injured. Macron: 'It's an attack'

Sat, 25 May 2019 00:05:11 +0200

Attack in the center of Lyon. A bomb package caused 13 wounded, all mild, not serious, among whom there would also be an 8-year-old girl. Eleven of them were taken to the hospital. According to preliminary information, the facts occurred in a pedestrian area near Place Bellecour, in the heart of Lyon. The package, it would have been "filled with nails, screws and bolts was laid in the street", the site sources specify Le Progrà © s. A man on a bicycle is suspected of having deposited the bomb package: he is actively sought by the police, reports BFM-TV. "Sorry for the delay but there was an attack on Lyon": with these words President Emmanuel Macron apologized to a 22-year-old youtuber with whom an interview was scheduled at 6:15 pm. The meeting started a quarter of an hour later. "I do not make balances - Macron began - at the moment there are only wounded, not victims. I think of them and their families" According to 20 Minutes, the explosion took place in the rue Victor-Hugo, in front of the La Brioche Dorà e store in the Lyon hyper-center. Information confirmed by the Prà fecture du Rhà n. Firefighters and police on the spot. "I think of the wounded in the Lyon explosion, their families hit by the violence that hit the street on their loved ones and all the citizens of Lyon. We are at your side," French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter.