Israel closes the borders with Gaza

Sat, 4 May 2019 17:50:42 +0200

TEL AVIV, MAY 4 - Israel has closed its borders with Gaza, Eretz's pedestrian and Kerem Shalom's freight borders, after the rocket rain from the Strip that has been hitting the Jewish state this morning. This was announced by Cogat, the governing body that controls the Palestinian territories. The head of the Cogat, General Kamil Abu Rukun, has also ordered the closure of the fishing zone off the coast of Gaza. All measures are up to new announcement.
Meanwhile, about 200 rockets launched this morning from the Strip towards Israel have risen. The Military Radio has made it known. According to the same source, in an attack on Gaza the aviation destroyed an underground tunnel of Islamic Jihad in Rafah in the southern Strip from which attacks were planned in Israel. The missile warning sirens are continuing to resonate in all Israeli areas around Gaza.