Libya: UN, 42,000 displaced in Tripoli

Tue, 30 Apr 2019 09:10:22 +0200

TUNIS, APRIL 30 - The number of displaced people since the beginning of armed clashes in Tripoli and the surrounding area has risen to 42,000.
The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) reported this in an update on the situation.
The OCHA points out that one child has been killed and three others injured in air strikes in the last three days, according to health sector partners.
The armed conflict continues to impact health facilities - the statement continues -, as with the bombings that on April 28 damaged a hospital in Espeaa, south of Tripoli: a fact that involves the evacuation and temporary interruption of health services.
As many as 3,350 refugees and migrants remain trapped in detention centers located in areas affected by fighting or in areas at risk of armed conflict.