Libya: UN, more than 40,000 displaced people

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 08:06:50 +0200

TUNIS, APRIL 28 - The number of displaced people since the beginning of armed clashes in Tripoli and the surrounding area has risen to 40,100.
The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) writes this in an update on the situation, stating that the areas south of Ain Zara, Khala, Azizya, Qasr Bin Ghashir, Wadi Rabiya and Suani are largely inaccessible to humanitarian workers at because of the fighting and that the international assistance community continues to call for a truce and a humanitarian corridor to be able to reach those who need help and to be evacuated. 3,300 refugees and migrants remain trapped in detention centers located in areas affected by fighting or in areas at risk of armed conflict.