Inspired by "The Adversary" by Carrère: the false medical free after 26 years

Fri, 26 Apr 2019 22:07:38 +0200

What courage. He has deceived and continues to deceive everyone, says Emmanuel Crolet, Jean-Claude Romand's brother-in-law who will be released from prison after 26 years by June 28th. I'm sick. I think of my sister. When he asked for parole, he killed her a second time. Now that freedom has been granted to him, it is another stroke of a rolling pin that hits her on the head, to make sure she is really dead, as well as her children and her parents. After a first no in February, the Bourges Court of Appeal accepted the request of the man sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife, two children and elderly parents when his long and complex fiction - doctor and wealthy researcher, actually studied of medicine soon interrupted and unemployed - he was on the verge of being unmasked.