Sudan: opposition, civilian government needed

Sun, 14 Apr 2019 15:49:14 +0200

CAIRO, APRIL 14 - After a meeting with the military junta that in Sudan deposed and arrested President Omar al-Bashir, the organizers of the protest that led to the fall of the autocrat for 30 years in power have demanded the passage to a government of civil transition "in an immediate and unconditional manner".
Parties and movements, in a joint statement issued after yesterday's meeting, stated that their supporters will remain on the street until the request is accepted and that the transitional civilian government will be "only the first step towards the fall of the regime".
The protesters fear that the transition period proposed by the military for a maximum of two years will allow the armed forces, an expression of the ten-year regime until this week led by al-Bashir, to remain in power or to impose a figure close to them . For over a week a huge sit-in has been underway in front of the headquarters of the Armed Forces in Khartoum.