Ok Uruguay to extradition Morabito

Fri, 29 Mar 2019 01:51:49 +0100

MONTEVIDEO, MARCH 29 - A Criminal Appeal Court of Uruguay confirmed the extradition to Italy of Rocco Morabito, boss of the Calabrese 'Ndrangheta,' most wanted 'in the United States and sentenced in absentia by the Italian judiciary to 30 years in prison. ANSA learned this from a source aware of the facts. Arrested in September 2017 in a hotel in Montevideo after 23 years on the run, Morabito (53) - the weekly Busqueda reports on his online page - was under arrest awaiting a process for forgery of documents. In the past few months, the accused has engaged in a legal battle with the local judiciary to avoid extradition, and now, according to the Uruguayan portal Subrayado, his lawyers will present an extreme appeal to the Supreme Court.