Vargas, innocent Baptists, I do not apologize

Wed, 27 Mar 2019 20:35:46 +0100

PARIS, MARCH 27 - The admission of guilty of Cesare Battisti for the murder of four people during the years of lead "does not change anything to my researcher's conclusions, I still consider him innocent": the French writer Fred Vargas interviewed said it by ANSA in Paris.
"I have no excuse to present - added the woman who for years defended Battisti - I do not think I defended a murderer, it is the last thing I would have done. Unfortunately it is sad because they will all take me for an imbecile but it is so ".
Asked if he had been made aware of the statements of Battisti, who recognized the four murders during the Lead Years and also declared, before the magistrates, that he had lied to his supporters, including in France, Vargas replied: " His statements do not hurt me, they leave me indifferent. It is possible he has his reasons, maybe there are reasons, I don't know anything, I leave him free to say what he has chosen to say ".