Cars against the crowd, six died in China

Fri, 22 Mar 2019 08:21:25 +0100

 There are six dead people hit by a full-speed sealed car in the crowd: the incident occurred this morning around 6:00 am (Thursday 23:00 in Italy) in Zaoyang, a city in the central Chinese province of Hubei . The police, according to local media, killed the author of the gesture, while from the first investigations there were seven people injured, rescued and taken to hospital.

The police, according to Chinese media, received a phone call for help around 6 am: a video posted by the media portal showed people lying in a pedestrian area waiting for help to arrive. From the first reconstructions, the man driving the car broke in, investing people in the street and pedestrian areas. It remains to be seen whether the episode can be classified as a "revenge against society", among those acts that have become a cause of great concern to the Chinese authorities: these are plans implemented by madmen to "avenge" alleged injustices. It happened, for example, a few days ago in Tangshan, in the province of Hebei, where a man was arrested for having stabbed several children outside the institute who had not renewed an employment contract.