Xi Jinping's visit: "A strategic pact with Italy"

Wed, 20 Mar 2019 14:07:15 +0100

China and Italy are the emblems of Eastern and Western civilization and have written some of the most important and significant chapters in the history of human civilization. Italy is the home of ancient Roman civilization and the cradle of the Renaissance and its heritage of great monuments, artistic and literary masterpieces is now widely known in China. The contacts between the two great civilizations, Chinese and Italian, have their roots in history. More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Silk Road allowed the connection between ancient China and ancient Rome, despite the great distances that separated them. The Han dynasty sent Gan Ying on a quest to find out what they called Da Qin or Grande Qin which referred to the Roman empire, while in the poems of the poet Virgil and the Roman geographer Pomponio Mela there are multiple quotations from the silk country. Subsequently, Marco Polo's Million unleashed the first passion for China in Western history and its author became a pioneer of contacts between Eastern and Western culture, a model which is still inspired by the ambassadors of friendship.