Brexit, also rejected the no deal. Closer the postponement of the divorce between the EU and London

Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:28:04 +0100

Britain is now really at a dead end: and no one is holding the map to find the way out. Yesterday was another day of surprises at the Westminster Parliament: and new humiliations for Theresa May. After the deputies rejected the agreement on Brexit negotiated by the premier with Brussels on Tuesday, it was expected that there would be a vote on a government motion to exclude the no deal, ie an exit from the EU without agreements: but the wording of the text was deliberately ambiguous, so as to suggest that the only way to avoid the feared scenario was to accept the agreement wanted by May. In the first instance, however, the deputies approved by a whisper, by only four votes, another motion calling for the exclusion of the no deal, now and in the future. The government had taken a contrary position, but surprisingly it was defeated on this point: and what is worse, some pro-European ministers abstained, openly defying the indications of the premier. Whose authority is practically dissolved at this point.