Even the Emirates stop the Boeing Max 8

Wed, 13 Mar 2019 06:01:06 +0100

DUBAI, MARCH 13 - Even the United Arab Emirates have banned flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 after the crash of an airplane of the same type of the Ethiopian Airlines line, closing after the similar decision of Oman a key market for the aircraft in the Arabian Peninsula The Emirates had initially said that they had joined the US and Boeing authorities "to investigate and collect data" to help resolve what happened in Sunday's accident in Ethiopia, then yesterday in late evening the announcement of the stop to Max 8 aircraft. The General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates said it was in contact with Chinese and other countries, calling the aircraft a "precautionary measure" in its airspace. The FlyDubai airline, owned by the Dubai government, operates eleven Boeing Max 8 and two Max 9. Its total fleet is around 60 aircraft, including other 737 models.