May, 'on Brexit is a day of truth'

Tue, 12 Mar 2019 17:45:45 +0100

LONDON, MAR 12 - "Today is the day" of the decision, "today is the time" to implement what "the people, not this House established" by voting in favor of the Brexit referendum and "asking for a change". Thus the premier Theresa May in the last appeal to the Municipalities before the ratification vote on her agreement. An agreement that represents the "best possible" compromise, repeated May, inviting the deputies to "pragmatism in balancing risks and benefits" and to avoid making "the search for perfection be the enemy of good".
May warned the deputies that saying no today would represent a leap in the dark and that "there are no guarantees" that the EU is willing to grant a postponement with respect to the date of March 29 to avoid a no deal, nor on the duration of this eventual slip which should be approved "unanimously by 27 countries".