Venezuela, massacre for the blackout. Rubio: "80 dead children", but the doctors deny

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:13:11 +0100

Three days after the biggest blackout in history, Venezuela is on its knees, completely blocked, with no means of transport or supplies. The most dramatic news comes from hospitals where life-saving machinery is blocked. According to the US Republican senator, Marco Rubio, eighty children would have died in the neonatal ward of a hospital paralyzed by the blackout in Venezuela (so far the number of deaths in the ward was still at 15). Dianela Parra, president of the College of Physicians of the State of Zulia, denied that 296 people died, including eighty newborns mentioned by Rubio. According to José Manuel Olivares, an opposition and medical deputy, 21 deaths have been reported so far in various regions of the country. Meanwhile, from Caracas, the Maduro government announced the decision to shut down schools and offices precisely due to the blackout. The opposition leader, Juan Guaidò, instead intends to ask for a state of emergency in a broken country.