Facebook reports China companies for fake

Tue, 5 Mar 2019 13:30:02 +0100

ROME, March 5 - Facebook sued four Chinese companies accusing them of selling fake accounts, followers and "likes" that were used for disinformation campaigns and other prohibited activities. This was announced by the social network, which filed the papers at the federal court of San Francisco last Friday. The case involves fake accounts of both Facebook and Instagram. The company requests an injunction and damages of 100 thousand dollars. From 2017 the companies would have advertised and sold fake account packages through six websites with domain names similar to Facebook, like The companies, linked together, proposed the offer of services to "increase likes, comments, friends", and presented themselves as "Chinese strategic partner of Facebook". For them, the charge is of trademark infringement, terms of service and related crimes. To be involved - explained Facebook - are also other platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.