Pakistan, 'we will respond to raid India'

Tue, 26 Feb 2019 13:59:52 +0100

ISLAMABAD, FEBRUARY 26 - The Pakistani government denounces India's blitz in Kashmir: "An action carried out for internal political purposes that endangers regional peace", reads a note at the end of a meeting of the security committee national presided by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In which it is stated that "India has carried out a gratuitous aggression to which Pakistan will answer when and where it deems appropriate". Khan has called a parliamentary meeting tomorrow. India had previously said that "a large number" of rebels had been killed in the Kashmir raid on Pakistani territory but no civilians. For Pakistan, however, "once again the Indian government has resorted to a selfish, reckless and false affirmation for internal consumption for electoral purposes". And the area of the attack "is open to the world to verify the situation on the ground".