Oxford and Cambridge care, less registered

Tue, 26 Feb 2019 13:22:37 +0100

LONDON, FEBRUARY 26 - The British members at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge are falling, pride of the Kingdom Academy and universities of absolute European and world prestige. In recent years the total has decreased by a thousand, as evidenced by the updated data of the Higher Education Statistics Agency.
The phenomenon is constant, with a reduction in the number of home students of 7% at Oxford and 5% at Cambridge in a decade. Not compensated, if not partially, by the increasing arrival of foreigners (51% more at Oxford, 65% at Cambridge).
The media highlight the weight of the increase in fees, a phenomenon extended in recent years to the majority of British universities, but at particularly exorbitant levels to 'Oxbridge': where, however, costs for foreigners are even higher, up to 30,000 pounds a year, without a discouraging flow, notes an Oxford spokesperson.
Another problem pointed out by various commentators is that of the still elitist social and racial profile of the two universities.