Venezuela, Maduro burns the trucks with aid and breaks with Colombia

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 14:33:26 +0100

Everything is ready for the challenge to the regime of Nicolás Maduro, with the attempt to get into Venezuela trucks and ships with humanitarian aid that the government of Caracas continues to refuse. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has announced that he will ask the international community to keep all options open in the fight to oust the Venezuelan president. But the dictator of Caracas is not willing to give in: the first truck of humanitarian aid that had managed to pass today from Colombia to the Venezuelan side of the bridge Francisco de Paula Santander, was set on fire by the security forces of Maduro. After a day of fighting at the border, according to Colombian sources, the wounded are 285. The Colombian foreign minister denounces the use of tear gas and unconventional weapons by the Venezuelan military. This is known by demonstrators present on the spot, who have posted photos and videos on Twitter. Almost simultaneously, Venezuela announced that it had interrupted diplomatic relations with the neighboring state of Colombia. We continue to receive support from the international community, which has been able to see with its own eyes how the usurper regime violates the Geneva protocol, where it is clearly stated that destroying humanitarian aid is a crime against humanity, he has always written on Twitter Juan Guaidó, the interim president in charge of the country who will meet US Vice-President Pence in Bogota on Monday.