Venezuela, shoot on the crowd waiting for humanitarian aid and Guaidò visits the bridge on the border with Colombia

Sat, 23 Feb 2019 12:14:34 +0100

Me fui, I left, the anthem of the Venezuelan diaspora, over three million people escaped from the hunger caused by Nicolás Maduro, is the song that opened Cucuta's megaconcerto. She was sung by an emotional Reymar Perdomo, a woman who lives in Peru playing her ukulele on the buses (a Hawaiian guitar) and was unknown until a few weeks ago. Homage to Richard Branson, the English magnate who organized Venezuela Aid Live, and the other big names of Latin music arrived on the bridge that separates Colombia and Venezuela: first the anonymous Reymar, then all the others, to ask for funds to fight the crisis humanitarian in the country of dying chavismo, and above all an immediate change. And at the concert the alternative president Juan Guaidò appeared, challenging the ban on leaving Venezuela. Now he risks arrest on his return.