London extrades the king of Indian beer

Mon, 4 Feb 2019 17:38:32 +0100

NEW DELHI, 04 FEB - Indian media in fibrillation for the green light to extradition from England of businessman Vijay Mallya, previously authorized by a court in London, and recently confirmed by the English Secretary of State Sajiid Javid .
The billionaire, scion of the Indian Kingfisher beer dynasty, had left India in 2016, after the bankruptcy of the airline that had the same name as the beer, and the collapse of its financial situation. Recently, some of its luxury residences in the heart of London have been seized. India accuses him of being an economic criminal and will prosecute him for leaving the country without having returned the huge loans obtained by Indian banks, equal to about one billion dollars. In recent months, Mallya has continued to repeat to the international press that he is ready to repay all debts, but his offer has remained unheard.